The Art of David Klein
First National City Bank Advertising Campaign

In 1967, graphic artist David Klein created an advertising campaign for First National City Bank of New York. The work was recognized with awards from the Printing Industries of American and the Society of Illustrators. On this page you will see three versions of one of the images he created for that campaign.

In the first, you will see Klein's pencil-on-vellum treatment of the image. In the second, you will see how he used overlays of transparent colored acetate to create the animal using geometric shapes. In the third, you will see the final poster.

The bank used these animal images (at least 12) in advertising materials of the period. Later, the campaign proving successful, the images were sold to the public as limited edition lithographs.

[The original artwork used to create this web page was acquired by me in the Tepper auction of David Klein materials, November 2008.]

Pencil on vellum

Transparent acetate

Final poster

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