Watertown Manufacturing Company

Logo, 1944

1915 The Watertown Manufacturing Company was founded to mold shellac composition articles including poker chips and buttons.

1935 Company employed 300 persons, working three shifts, keeping the plant operating 24 hours a day. Its trademarked substance, Neillite (named after inventor and company president J. R. Neill) was used to make distributor caps, fuses, switch parts, thermostat bars, radio and telephone parts.

1946 The company's most famous product, "Lifetime" plastic dinnerware, was in production.

1948 Company now employs 375 persons -- with a payroll of over one-million dollars -- and has grown to ten times its original size. Company has expanded to make powder metal items. Its product line ranges from whistles, tableware and aircraft parts; to gears and cams used by the automobile industry and the United States Postal Service.

1955 Company president, J. R. Neill, announced plans to move part of company's production to Ohio. Company now employs more than 400.

1965 (circa) Company purchased by the Siemon Company.

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