The House of the Future

The "House of the Future" was built by the Monsanto Company in 1957.

The frame of the structure is 100% plastic -- nearly 15,000 pounds of it. Interiors favored plastics, but also included textiles, glass, bronze and metals.

The interiors were designed with the aid of 12 companies; and included an ultrasonic dishwasher, climate control panel, and visual phone.

It stood at the entrance to Disneyland's Tomorrowland until it was deemed too "old fashioned." Too bad execs at Disney did not have more foresight as "The House of the Future" would arguably be one of the most popular exhibits there today-- had it not been demolished in 1967.

The demolition in 1967.
Photo courtesy The Extinct Attractions Club.

But it wasn't the only plastic house ever made. Here are three more:
Russia Germany Switzerland

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